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It is estimated that over 2 million people in the UK suffer from a build-up of ear wax.

E.A.R. offer a safe and medically approved way of removing ear wax build-up.

In 2017, NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) stated that using the traditional method of ear syringing is unsafe, as it has been shown to cause damage to the tympanic membrane (The tympanic membrane is also called the eardrum).

As an alternative method, they recommend using the far safer options of microsuction and gentle warm water irrigation.

E.A.R. Offer

  • Safe ear wax removal
  • Ear inspections & treatment advice
  • Home visits
  • Fully Insured

Our specialist is highly qualified in safe ear wax removal.

Why Choose E.A.R. for your ear wax removal?

If you're suffering from loss of hearing or perhaps one or both of your ears are itching or aching despite having tried out everything you possibly could do to improve and resolve the symptoms, then you have a build up of ear wax that should be treated professionally.

As a direct result of the removal of the funding stream from the majority of GP surgeries, ear wax removal is no longer available for most patients on the NHS.

Faster Production

Some people naturally produce ear wax faster than others.


Such as eczema or narrow ear canals can contribute to problems.

External Factors

Use of ear buds, hearing aids or ear plugs can also contribute to the build-up of wax.

Microsuction is safe and simple

Microsuction is a safe and comfortable procedure that usually takes 15-30 minutes, depending on the type and amount of ear wax and the depth of build-up.

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Our Services

We offer professional ear wax removal, delivered by a fully qualified clinical technician. Delivered in a professional, friendly, relaxed and comfortable manner.

Should you require further information please use the contact section and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Olive oil or oil based ear drops are the preferred method of ear wax softening minimally 2-3 days prior to treatment.


The most modern, advanced, safest and pain free form of ear wax removal. It avoids touching the sensitive area around the ear canal and avoids eardrum contact.

Warm water irrigation

Gently removes ear wax by using a controlled, low presure water jet which is angled towards the ear canal wall rather than at the actual blockage (which may push the wax deeper and cause discomfort or ear pain).


Affordable and effective - Our prices are competative and cost effective, providing excellent value to our customers.

Being transparent on our price is important to us and our clients.

Under 65 yrs

£55 one ear / £65 both

65 yrs and over

£50 one ear / £60 both

Under 18's



Clinic and Community Visits

Community Visits - on request locally to listed clinics.

We also accomodate those who work and are unable to attend during the week with late or weekend appointments upon request.

Emergency treatment is available for those urgently needing assistance.

Eccleshall Clinic

Unit 2 Grayson House, Stone Rd, Eccleshall, ST21 6DN

Outside parking - Located on the ground floor

Tel:07891 514 271


Why not let our customers do the talking about what E.A.R. can do for you, we have helped many people get better hearing and healthier ears.

Here is what they have to say.

had a pleasant experience having my ears sorted , very polite and friendly. value for money and can even get a home visit.
highly recommended.

Ron Kerr

Thanks Fi for fitting both Russell and I in yesterday. Neither of us had ever had our ears checked before. I’d always worried it might be painful but it wasn’t in any way. Highly professional service and great value too. Loved how you explained exactly what you were doing and why and that we could see for ourselves on screen, very interesting. Highly recommended and I’ll be ditching the cotton buds now!!
Thank you

Steph Hall

Pain free procedure and my hearing improved, would certainly recommend.

Lynn Bufton

Fiona explained the whole process thoroughly, took her time and always asked if my partner was feeling ok and happy to continue.
She is a true professional and always reassures her clients.
She is very warm, welcoming and friendly.
I would highly recommend E.A.R Clinic to my family and friends.

Tracey Jayne

Had the best experience with Fi! First time getting this done and only one needed doing. Pain free and somehow made the whole thing lovely and fun. Will definitely come back for a check up in the future. xxx

Kate Parr

Great service from Fi to see if my 9 year olds infected ear had cleared up. Fi provided a report with internal pics that I was able to send to the GP to confirm that no further antibiotics were required. Thanks!!

Jennie Anne


Hi, I'm Fi

I have been in the nursing and caring sector since 2001, since then I have had various roles as I progressed my long nursing career.

From NVQ care assessor, studying at Keele University Faculty of health, becoming a registered Nurse, moving to the Royal Infirmary Accident and Emergency and Urgent care, working in the Stafford Community Intervention service, then with the Burton Community Intervention Service and then returned back to MPFT previously SSOTP.

When my husband suffered Ear problems, I found a flaw in ear wax removal services and a shortage in competent qualified ear wax removal clinicians. It was at this point the idea behind E.A.R. was born and now I am a fully qualified Microsuction clinician.

Fi Riley DipHE Adult Nursing

Ear wax removal Specialist
When my husband suffered Ear problems, I found a flaw in ear wax removal services and a shortage in competent qualified ear wax removal clinicians. It was at this point the idea behind E.A.R. was born and now I am a fully qualified Microsuction clinician.


We would love to help you on your journey to better hearing and a healthier ear, contact us using either the form below or call us on the number provided.


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